The thing I love

What I love is anything to do with art or design. I first discover my ability to create and appreciate beautiful thing during secondary school. Being a class monitor makes me involved in decorating our class's notice board. From there, I find that people prone to like what I created.

Then I strated to participate in creating poster, flyer, backdrop for activities held in my school. I am so grateful to be given the ability to make beautiful thing.
Having no formal training in either art or painting, the skills in me are mostly obtained from trying an error and also stealing ideas from loitering in book store. Once, I was caught by a shopkeeper for copying note from the book. Haha...

these boxes and church card are the ideas stolen from Times (The book store).

After secondary school, I become less active in participating any activity. But I am still very intrigued by anything that has to do with design. For example the shows that I love so much: Project Runway and Top Design.

Project Runway is a reality show with the search for an upcoming new fashion designer. It is a really good quality show, and all the designer and their garments are absolutely eye catching and breathtakingly beautiful. It is interesting that some dresses are so beatiful that they are so memorable even though you can only see the dress for like few seconds on the show. It is so fascinting what we can do with simple material and turns them into something beatiful and even practical.

Another show is Top Design, this is also a reality show, but instead of looking for a fashion designer, this show is looking for interior designer(I prefer interior design than fashion design).

Watching the show is such an enjoyable moment. Being an interior designer has always been my dream. Looking at those contestants living and chasing their dream, is really inspiring and making me jeoulous of the life they are having!!!

Creativity is one of the things that has been given by God to us. Without it, I am sure that life will be very damn boring. I appreciate everything that is beautiful, but, what can beat the beauty of the nature which was created by God?!


  1. yes,v have somethings in common,bt only in watching and admire creative things ,not everybody have the ability like u....haha


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