The fun I had in Banting

Over the past 3 weeks in banting hospital, the place that i enjoyed the most there is Jugra.
There is a Jugra mountain, where you can walk up the path and enjoy the bird's eye view of the whole Jugra town. Situated by the beach, you can see the selat melaka and the banting river joining the sea when you are on the top of the hill.

We saw people doing parachute there during the first visit to Jugra mountain. After asking the people, we were told that we can actually pay Rm 150 to try it with a trainer. We din't do it after all because it is still quite pricey.

Besides all these, there were a lot of animals for you to see. One of them is the special monkey. they are not the typical brown color monkey, instead, they are black in color. Their face is so distintive, with white color eye brow and a beckham's hair style. But too bad, I was not able to take a photo of them, because they are very scared of human. It was lucky for me to see them, because not everytime you can see them.

The other animal is dog. There were a lot of dogs along the path. Among all the dogs, one ugly dog drew my attention of his ugliness. It is so ugly, i have a photo to prove it.

After the relaxing banting posting, it is time to get back to UM and reality. It was fun hanging with my fellow group mates, though sometimes I feel that some of them are very selfish and some very hard to work with. I wish the second 3 weeks in RUKA will be better.


  1. huhuhu...
    it's an ugly dog!!
    juz like u!!!!!!



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