Countdown to final MBBS 6 days


Nothing else can express my feeling except these "argh and aaaaa..."
I suddenly fell so anxious, having palpitation just thinking about the exam. Not only that, my sleeping disorder has come back. I just couldn't sleep at night and my circadian rhythm has gone haywire...and I hate it! I also hate myself for indulging in movies, shows, facebook, blogging....Praying very hard to have my normal sleep again! I don't want to re-experience the sleeping problem that I had during 4rd year final exam. Though this exam is much more stressful than any of the previous exam, I still hope that I can go to exam with a fresh mind and enough sleep the night before exam.

To make myself happy, I think about the trip after exam with wilson, elaine and ding. (keeping my finger crossed everything go smooth for exam). We plan to go phuket for 1 week. I am so looking forward to the trip because it will be my first time being out of the country. (I have not even been to Singapore). But, I still don't have a passport yet, must go and make one.haha.

Last 6 days, I must stay positive and study hard. I can do it, we can do it! Gambate


  1. ganbatte ne!
    let's go phuket and redang... yeah!!!

  2. yeah...must pangsai tua piak!!

  3. pang sai ko piak.. where got ppl tua piak 1? haha! Study hard.. then can enjoy d.. study study n study.. =)


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