I want sing K! I need to sing K, need it desperatelly!!!

Arhhhhhhhh, the nerves of the exam and study week are getting into me. I feel like going insane just thinking of it.

I finally managed to finish all the case sum and reports that needed to be submitted last friday. Anyway, I did finish them all. Even though I am not proud of how I did the report.

Feel so relieved after finishing all the stupid reports. Now I can focus on planning for my study week and all the reading....

Singing K has always been one of the best ways for me to release tension.

I love singing my heart and lung out in karaok box.

Need not to care about how pitchy or out of tune I sing.

We just need to vent out our emotion, anger, frustration, tension, nerves, disappointment...

It makes me happy to sing. I think the reason is because, I rarely talk about my feeling, or I am insecured to talk about my feeling.

Any one wants to join my study week sing K programme????

If interested please leave a comment here then we can go together


  1. omg...u post the video here....he will kill u...wahaha.....

  2. it's a very good video lah!
    sing again next wk leh.


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