hate staying at home...

u might think i m crazy to say i hate staying at home
Home is great if I am back for short weekend to rest and relax
but for this holiday, after just 5 days of staying at home, it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!
is Crazy!!!!!!!!!
Imagine life without internet, downloading, my shows.....Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Having to see my mother for 24 hours everyday is also driving me crazy
for example, when i frist got home, i found my room was re-arranged-the way i hate it(she did it)!!!!!
talking to her is irritating to both of us....aih.....
so i dont want to talk....
i want to get out...so i go melaka trip after less than 1 week of staying at home
later might go north , lucky i have all these trips....
and i am now so so bored that i come to this '2nd hand smoking' cyber cafe to blog about my feeling...hahah
i had surveyed every possibilities to have internet at home, but i ended up devastated.
Having no 3G coverage and what sadder is no telepone line to get streammyx!!!!!!!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i hate my home town for this
and, after 2 weeks,i start missing swimming pool and swimming....but,aih.....
i dont wanna think about that anymore, is making me sadder
1 more thing to complaint about, is the weather....
I dont know what has happened to our planet, Global Warming!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it is so so damn hot no matter it is day or night (i can even sweat at night!!!!!)
sometimes i think it is so hot that maybe hari kiamat is coming....Zzzzz
i want an air conditioner please..........
i think i need to adapt myself to the basic life of a kampong......after staying at Kl for 5 years, i think i have been 'urbanized', now i have 'ruralise'myself so that i can live here for the next 1 month before the induksi program


  1. damn funny..
    I've enjoying episodes of "brothers and sisters" very much actually, though i miss the internet sometimes
    and that's why I am here at a cyber cafe typing this. Luckily there's no smoke!!
    c ya Bud!

  2. i found a newly renovated cyber, no smoking is allowed, nice environment. loving it


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