Money money here I come

going to start induksi on 5th june, cant wait to start working liao!!!!!
finally, I can get out of this boring hometown (not that i dont like it, but after staying here for such long time, i just cant wait to get the hell out of here!)
i am so happy about starting work, because, first, I can start doing something!!!something, i dont care what it is, at least i m not doing nothing!!!!literally, i m doing nothing everyday at home, NOTHING!!!
second, earning money!!!!Money money, here i come,but too bad, due to our lousy government efficacy, we r not to get our salary for the first 2-3 months. very sad to be dependent on parents still.
third, looking forward to new chapter of life!!!especially if i do get to go sabah. new environment, everything is new!!!!Cant wait!!!!!
but, still have many things left not finished.
1. medical check up, the appointment on 5th june, exactly the same date as induksi, now dont know how to settle it before 5th june...aaaaaaaaaaaaa
2. provisional registration letter from mmc, they hav just received my full documents, i still have to wait about 1 week until the arrival of the letter.
i hope to get these 2 thing finished before 5th june!but really no idea how to bring forward the medical checkup appointment, plan to drive up mentakab next monday or so to see whether the urine drug test is ready!but, still risky, and waste petrol, energy if i still cant bring the appointment earlier...might as well do it all in waiting...aih......
really frustrated with government clinic, why we need to wait so long ????so so long!!!!all the process, waiting, and more waiting, really suck!!!!
the 1 thing i really looking forward to is earning money!!!!!hehe


  1. Dude, need not rush bout the medical check up thing; cos i heard chui yng who asked chee yen, saying that it could be done even aft the induksi. a whole people are like that; the time of the letter arrival and time spent for such stuff to be done are way too long; they know better. My appointment even on the 16th june, I'd be at Terengganu at that time. Lols.

    Save the petrol , and the earth , Dude! Lols

  2. Act health check up can be done after we get our posting de,if cannot make it here then wait till we get posting lo,dun worry........

  3. ya, medical check up no rush, but i just hate the feeling of something half done...i get frustrated!

  4. don't worry. medical check up can be delayed.. where u posted for induksi?


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