1st day k.terenganu induksi

reach k.terenganu at 430pm, phew, lucky I managed to get here before 5 pm (check in only from 230-5pm).Damn the bus, got delay for 1 and a half hour!!!
After resting for just 30 minutes, the introduction starts!
Ceramah lor, boring....but informative also la
I know that if I get Sabah, then I will only have maximum 2-3 days to lapor diri to hospital and the jabatan kesihatan negeri as well. (actually, have to go jabatan kesihatan negeri 1st) 2 days, how short is that time? to prepare everything and fly from pahang to sabah!!!
I come k.terenganu with the newly bought 30 inch huge luggage, which only cost me Rm 100. worthy. It is so giant that I can fit myself into the suitcase!!!hehe
Crossing my fingers that I do get the hospital that I want.
My brother called and questioned me about my sabah choice. wondering what the hell I was thinking to choose the furthest place in Malaysia! the answer: I just can't stay so near home...


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