Home Sweet Home

It feels so good to be home again. Even though I have been away from home just 1 month plus, it feels like years!!!Really.
Working life sucks and now I realise it is not easy to be an adult , earning money, paying rents, paying bills....
To earn money for living, you must work for it. Working is not easy at all, with it comes responsibilities.....what all of us don't like
coming back home this time is really crucial for me.
I need the time to rest, and to get away from work, and all the other things...
I can sleep as long as I want to, need not to bother about the phone ringing in the middle of the night (finally can turn off phone to sleep, believe it or not, as a dr, they expect you to on ur phone 24/7)
Manage to sleep more than 15 hours last night (believe me, that 15 hours is still not enough to compensate my sleep deprivation for the past 1 and half month), I feel so so so happy to do so!!!!!!No need to force myself to sleep early at night and no need to wake up 530 in the morning.
Watching tv all the time, lying on bed, reading newspaper or just doing nothing but lying on the sofa......i enjoy all these....
LIfe is good when I am at home...


  1. yes,life is good there's enough sleep....:)

  2. hi,im a medical student frm sabah who study at russia.
    hmm,after read ur hectic days stories,start to get worry about my HO life later..hehe..
    if can,can i hv ur msn?wanna knw more in HO life in queen's...

  3. 欢迎来到现实的世界小弟。>__<



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