Finally, the line is stable and I have the mood and time to blog.
It is new year, 2010.
Reflecting back 2009, many things happened. Good and Bad.
It has been quite a year, seriouslly.
From passing final MBBS exam, to starting to work and finally adapating to the working environment now...looking back, I really am amazed how fast time flies
Besides work, many things happened on the people surrounding me. Some really shocked me and I was really bothered. I think adulthood is just not easy, and reality is cruel and humans are weak.
Why sound so sad, actually, I think I did enjoy year 2009, especially the end part.
Coming to sabah wasn't a bad choice afterall. Meeting a lot of great people here and working here is actually kinda fun. Enjoy the laughter and the makan and the sing k (even though very few sing k sessions)
Unbelievably, I have worked for half a year. I really amazed myself. Initially thought I couldn't make it through. But now I kinda enjoy it.
Life is getting better actually, I hope year 2010 will be even greater than year 2009 : )


  1. haha... finally, u like sabah...
    bothered?! is that one of my thing?! hehe....


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