screw it!!!!!

This afternoon, when I was about to start my pm round in my ward, got a phone from the counter. I went to answer, is a MO calling me: hey, poh. Are u free now? can come down to clinic now? After answering yes, then I went down to clinic.

In this current posting, when a MO looks for you, you can expect something is not right. Because they only will look for you when you screw up something/ ur job is not properly done.

with that in mind, I kinda prepare myself for it. Went into the clinic room, I saw a patient that I discharged last week. I knew it he must be wanting to point out my mistakes. (But I am pretty sure that I did everything well before discharging the patient!)

He started talking: you discharge the patient? where is the referral letter?
(FYI, this patient was admitted to o&g ward, but has psychosis symptoms, need to get appt in psychiatric and neurology clinic after discharge)

OMG, I did do both referral letters!!!!He was accusing me for simply discharging patient without referral letter!!!

I dont like the way he talks, really!

I m 100% sure I wrote the letters (I spent so much time calling psy and neuro MO for appt, arranging EEG appt, explaining to patient's daughter about every single appt!!!!)

Flipping to the back of the case note, he found the carbon copy of my referral letters!!!

Nah, I told you I wrote them!!!!

Seeing the carbon copy, he dint show any feeling sorry/ apologize for accusing me for the wrong thing!!!

What piss me off more is when I RE-write again the referral letter, and put the case note on his table, he scolded me again: cant you see I'm talking to patient now?!

WTF???I did my job liao, why cant you be nice to me? somemore, at the very beginning, I did nothing wrong!!!!! (How the hell I know how patient lose her referral letter?!)

by the way, need to mention it, patient is a UR, she is pyschotic from time to time, her family members never take her to see doctor to find out the cause (why i need to care more for the patient, when the family members and patient herself are like not really care about that?!).

I spent so much time in arranging appts, EEG, CT scan....turn out nobody really appreciates any of my effort, not only that, getting screwed.....

Really hate it when ppl accusing me for something that is not my fault! What the hell, being a HO is like this, anything goes wrong, is our fault, patient lose referral letter, is my fault, CT film not taken by ppk is my fault, everything is my fault.

I hope I can look at it positivelly, but, I really dont know how...
aih......screw it!


  1. 没那么简单 工作就是这样咯
    但求问心无愧就好 别人怎么说怎么做 他自己要承担那后果
    不用为他担心 也不用生气
    那不是自己 那是他自己不求进步 还怪罪别人

    呵呵 换个角度想
    经验老道的人 或许他也有苦衷 才会找你开刀
    或许你的MO处理突发状况的态度不够好 但经过这次他一定有所成长 你帮助他成长哩! 是很伟大的 呵呵

    just do it! You will know y one day.

  2. haha.. i got warning for extension for something i never did.. who to blame..? who ask me to be post call on that day and they need to blame those post call fellows... yet.. my specialist never listen to my explanation.. he said.. : "I dun care... i had give u the letter.. u dun like it then throw it.. u like it then u can even frame it up..." so, what kind of specialist???? hahhaha

  3. wow, tiboy, ur case sounds even more depressing...

  4. ya.. initially very depressing also.. most of the HO also din agree with that letter directed to me.. even my MO's also.. since then.. i work according to the limit.. 6pm habis kerja means 6pm leave.. no more extra time as ppl never appreciate.. heheh..

  5. looking forward yet scare it... thanks for sharing your experience... i know u just want to release your stress here..XD good luck man!


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