Having stayed in keningau for 2 weeks, it feels so long already.

Keningau is a nice place, slower pace, more peaceful...But after staying here long enough, I feel it is kinda a boring town. Maybe it is just me haven had the time and chance to explore it. (sure there is something nice to do and see in keningau)

Many things has happened in just 2 weeks time.

Some of them I just have to write about them in blog.

1. Doing my 1st Cesarean section with my HOD. It was otherwise uneventful except the part I cant get the head out and needed my HOD's help. And I did it too slow that the spinal anaesthesia is running out of its effect...kuang3. Lucky to have HOD to be there, cos she was really patient and letting me do most of the things. Grateful!

2. Completed 3 ERPOC in just 2 weeks time. What a blessing to be sent to keningau. People in Likas would die for just 1 ERPOC. Every single ERPOC has to be fought with other people. I hate fighting with others for procedures, that why I feel so lucky to be able to complete my 3 without making enemy with others!(not exaggerating, people do fight so bad just to get 1 procedure!!!!)

3. My subcutticular suturing skill is improving...kekeke, the first one, got bleeding, the 2nd and 3rd, nice......so as the ultrasound skills, but this one still needs more practise, still not quite good at it yet. But lucky here we can practise more compared to in Likas.

4. I just can't live without internet!!!Not being able to online when I am off from work is just killing me!!!!Miss watching American Idol. I need those thing so bad after working. Tat is my way of relaxation. It is killing me coming back room everything, and find there is nothing to watch, and do in this cold empty room...

5. People say keningau is like a honeymoon posting but I dont totally agree. I have post call day but going back at 830pm (if were in likas, post call can go back 5pm). And post call weekend work til 2pm...But having said that, I still will not trade this keningau posting with anything la, kekekeke

I miss KK, cant wait to go back next next week!!!!!!It will be a great weekend, hahaha


  1. I used to leave a comment to u last year in one of ur post, by having to do tht, i actually somehow like seeing ur problem in my own perspectives. Since last year till nw, today i re-search ur blog to read up, it somehow show smthg tht u r different nowadays. Intuitively, u r trying ur best to give out ur best.....

    After all, u r who u r, be happy & sincerely wish u all e best!


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