My nose...

I have an allergic nose, or more specific, is allergic rhinitis. My body is allergic to many things, crabs, prawns, dust, mites...
This nose problem started way long ago, primary school actually.

I still remember one day when I was in tuition center, teacher look at my dark eye circle asking me: 'did u rub your eye with ink or something? why your dark circle so obvious?!' Being so young and innocent, I din't understand her concern. But think back, why would a primary school student has so obvious dark circle right? they can't be sleep deprived or something!
dark circle, and funny enough, i have 双眼皮 at my right eye, one eye only

After many years, only I found out, the dark circle is caused by my allergic rhinitis. Medically, is called allergic shiner. Basically it is caused by poor blood circulation due to nose congestion.

Why suddenlly wanna write about my nose? haha. Because, recently got 2 friends actually can't help to tell me that I snore while I sleep (because my snoring disturbed their sleep, and it was loud, kuang3).

Actually, many of those who don't know me, would think I actually snore. But in fact, my so-called snoring is caused by my blocked nose. When my nose is blocked, there will be noisy breathing sounds. Sometimes it sounds like wheeze, sometimes it sounds more like snore....I have a specialist asking me in the middle of a surgery: "Are you having asthma?" kuang kuang kuang

Having this problem for such long time, I actually do not think it is an issue, because I already adapted to it.

Many people around me have shown concern to my nose, and the complications which I might already have, like sinusitis or sleep apnea (because of my so abnormal sleeping pattern, sleep a lot but always sleepyzzZZ).

Finally, I went to see ENT and get myself some medications. Surprised with the efficacy of the nasal spray, one friend actually tell me I do NOT snore anymore when I sleep. I was soooooo happy to know that. Because I do not want to snore-er lor, hahahah.
It feels so good to breath through un-blocked nose, and hopefully my sleeping pattern will improve after fixing my nose also, hahaha


  1. Wah, good to hear that... Few friends of mine are encountering the problem, should advise them to see ENT specialist. Thanks..

  2. Nasa Spray...i got one in my house but i not dare to use..>.<lll...

  3. i will addict to it once i used before.
    im snoring also while i sleep which i cant accept it! Argh...


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