what I feel now

I really feel like quitting....

don't like what I am doing
I am not good in doing what I am doing now, not just that, I think I suck
trying to hypnotise myself that I will like and finally be good in this
Deep down, I am not happy,
Doing everything to meet people's expectation
Forcing myself to meet up with that expectation is torturing

In the middle of the night at 2am, I am writing this during my first tagging call

I am no quitter, but doing this is making me unhappy, stressed like never before.

Steve Jobs said: the only way to do great thing is to do what you love, if you haven't found it, don't settle, keep looking

Should I ?

I really want to...


  1. 很多时候,当我们迷茫于某件事情的时候, 在徘徊自己未来的路时,时间就在我们的不知不觉地在我们身边溜走, 到后来可能会惊觉又或会感叹自己在自己不是很想走的路上,已走了一大半.

    在工作上, 有的是高潮,但会是更多的低潮. 所以唯有让工作以外的生活来平衡人生.


  2. hey kim yan, be strong. deep down there are parts of us that bring us down by itself. i wish you best.


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