The long awaited trip

Flight tickets were booked almost 1 year ago, destination: Bali, Indonesia.
After long waiting, finally august has come, and we meet again, in Bali. It has been ~ 8 months since my last trip (life as MO is not better than HO it seems, because when we were HO, at least we get a long leave once every 4 months!)

Long awaited for 2 reasons: 1- it has been ~8 months since my last trip 2- finally can meet back some familiar faces 

Every trip, start with research (love this part the most)survey hotel/resort/places to visit... this time, without Lonely Planet, but Tripadvisor has become my favorite navigator 

we spent 6 days 5 nights in Bali, 

Day 1- reach Kuta at night, check in Tanaya Bed and Breakfast, then walk to Kunyit Bali Restaurant for dinner (the receptionist said it is 20 min walking distance, but we ended up walking for ~ 40 min to find this restaurant) Luckily the foods were good and we feel satisfied after a big dinner. Had the Bebek (itik in indonesian ), the crispy duck was good, but the steam one (bebek betutu), no that great.

Day 2- wake up , breakfast in Tanaya. Love this little hotel, because it is cheap, and serves good coffee for breakfast! Meet up our driver (KS booked him before the trip). He is a nice man (felt sorry because I was a bit offensive to him in the beginning of the trip, because still overshadowed by the bad driver experience I had in India ) We started with Taman Ayun (driver's recommendation), and it was a nice temple to visit. Wasn't paying much attentions to temples in Bali when doing research, because there are a lot of temples in Bali, and I was focusing more on relaxing part of the trip only , kekeke I like their temple, because the roof looks like hair, lol 
after taman ayun, we proceed to Jatiluwih to see the UNESCO world heritage rice terrace.Jatiluwih is breathtaking, MUST visit in Bali okay! (it was a right decision to visit, after ignoring the negative comments saying about long car journey and poor road condition), trust me, it is so worth the 1 hour car journey.
After that, we continue our trip with Tanah Lot. The sunset was just amazing , no cloud at all, and we agreed that was the most complete sunset we have seen so far. (witness the whole round egg yolk sink)
Dinner at Poppies , a very fancy expensive fusion restaurant. Food was nice, expensive yet small portion. The highlight was the Pina Colada (so-called  world famous), but it was good, and was decorated nicely with a fresh coconut. 
Day 3- Driver brought us to a lousy beach ( where people pay to play expensive water sport). we were so disappointed with the beach and din't want to stay there long. The driver then brought us to Nusa Dua beach, and that was the beach I am talking about, ok!Nusa Dua beach, where you can find all 5 stars Hotel there, like club med, Hyatt... so, the beach is also a 5 starts beach, clean beach, and there are people cleaning up the beach every morning. the water was still a bit cold, and no waves, so is perfect to dip in the sea here! 
after that, have lunch at some restaurant the driver brought us to- ended up stomach upset (but only me experience that). then we visited Garuda Vishnu Kenchana (also driver's suggestion), but it turns out to be a big disappointment la. It was the most expensive entrance ticket, but with least to see.

Heading to Tanah Lot for Sunset , and watch the famous Kecak Dance there,  while watching sun setting at the background, nice!  

Dinner at warung 96, satisfied with good pizza. their pizza was thin crusted , very nice ! Food is in big portion, and tasty also!  

Day 4, head to north- Ubud. First go to visit luwak coffee farm, tasted the most expensive coffee in the world (one of my must do thing in Bali), and I bought 40 gram of luwak coffee bean for ~ RM 80, crazy?! 
After coffee, we head to Mt Batur, to see the volcano, followed by Holy water temple.  Then, go back Ubud, have lunch at Ibu Oka Babi Guling (a bit disappointed).  

Check in to Beji Ubud, started our chillax part of the trip here.  The resort was quiet, surrounded by jungle, with many pools (the so called infinity pool). I was a bit disappointed with their infinity pool , it is not like I imagine a infinity pool should look like. But the pools were okay.  We take our time dipping in the pool, relaxing, chit chatting.

After shower, we walk to Putri Bali Spa (which happened to be just near to Beji Ubud Resort and Naughty Nuri). I found this Spa in Tripadvisor, and we all are looking forward to have spa there. Am very glad that the plan in Ubud is kinda perfect with staying in Beji Ubud Resort (I only book this resort because all the other hotel I wanted to stay fully booked).  

The Spa was AMAZING, Putri Bali Spa, is a place to remember, where I got desensitize for massage! lol  After Spa, we walk to Naughty Nuri warung to have their famous pork rib. It was just DELICIOUS! yummy, best pork rib ever! 

Day 5, wake up at 9am, have breakfast, then walk to Putri Bali Spa again at 10 am to have our second massage, kekeke. (Imagine how good the spa was!). 

Love Ubud, and the street we stay, because it is away from the crowed main road, and is filled with gallery (art is everywhere!) Definitely will come back to Ubud! 
Check out, go to Ubud main road, have lunch at melting wok warung, it was nice.  Walk walk see see then go to Seniman coffee shop, where I overdose myself with caffeine! Seriously!  

Went back Kuta at evening, then started my 失心疯 spending! Buy this buy that. 

Dinner at warung 96 again, their pizza is the thing makes us go back.  

Walk to Kuta beach after dinner, nice breeze, we walk the beach, chit chatting...  It was nice to hear updates/news from each other.  have our last night stay in Tanaya, then fly back 6am to Malaysia liao lor~  

It was an awesome trip, I think Bali is a gifted land, that it existed solely to meet tourist needs! nice beach, rich culture, beautiful landscape, friendly peoples! sure will come back! 

After this trip, I have a different perspective  towards Indonesian. Previously, they are just illegal immigrants who will only create public / health issue to me . I hated them so much previously , because we deal with a lot of sick Indonesian here, and they always come with life threatening illness, yet refused admission/ intervention. Now, I think they are all nice people, they are force to have come here to earn a better living for their family in Indonesia. 

This post card sum up how I feel about Bali: I Bintang Bali.


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